Senator Benton Sawrey

Benton Sawrey

Senator Benton Sawrey

Represents Johnston

Benton Sawrey is a Christian, a husband, a father, and a leader. He and his family have called Johnston County home for generations and Benton wants to go to Raleigh and fight for our conservative values in the North Carolina Senate.

This community is important to Benton. His family lives here. They go to church here. His children go to school here. He has a proven track-record of supporting Johnston County’s people, organizations, and businesses and has seen first-hand the impact that state government can have on its residents. Benton understands that Johnston County is unique – one-half has experienced exponential suburban growth while the other half retains its traditional, rural character. He understands that a solution for one part of the county is not necessarily the best solution for another.

Benton is a third-generation graduate of North Carolina State University and attended the University of South Carolina for law school.  He is a small-town attorney and helps small-business owners and farmers with transactions and navigating complex regulatory and tax issues.  Benton understands and can fix the unnecessary and outdated burdens that government imposes on the economy.

Benton has been active in Republican politics since 2005 when he first volunteered as an intern for the North Carolina Republican Party.  He has held statewide roles in conservative organizations, volunteered his time or worked on behalf of dozens of candidates and elected officials, and most recently served on the executive committee as general counsel for the Johnston County Republican Party.  Benton has experience working in the North Carolina Senate with its current leadership that will allow him to be immediately effective in Raleigh.

Benton and his family live in Clayton and are active members of Horne United Methodist Church.