Bob Steinburg

Represents Hertford, Gates, Chowan, Perquimans, Pasquotank, Camden, Currituck, Washington, Tyrrell, Dare, Hyde Counties

Bob Steinburg is a retired businessman and a lifelong conservative Republican who is devoted to helping others in his community.

Bob is a committed advocate for North Carolina education, dedicating himself to help prepare the next generation for the global job market, whether they attend college or not. He believes, above all, our schools must teach our children to read. That’s why he volunteered weekly as a “Book Buddy” at a local elementary school, to help children improve their reading skills.

Bob also believes throwing more and more taxpayer money at a problem is not the solution. Through his involvement with schools, Bob has seen firsthand that too much money is wasted in the educational bureaucracy in Raleigh, which constricts principals, teachers, and parents from doing what’s best to educate their kids. He will fight for more local control, along with accountability, so that our schools can improve each year. As president of the athletic boosters club, he raised tens of thousands of dollars for equipment and athletic facility upgrades from the private sector. He will work to connect local businesses with local schools, to provide the jobs our children need to stay here after graduating.

Bob served four terms as president of Edenton Emergency Aid, a not-for-profit-agency assisting individuals in Chowan County who are experiencing temporary financial hardship. He also co-chaired the 2010 Edenton Historical Commission’s Taste of Edenton, which raised funds for the town’s historic preservation initiatives. As a proud member of the NRA and Ducks Unlimited, Bob can be counted on to defend our 2nd Amendment rights.

Before retiring, Bob spent his entire adult life in business — he knows how to create jobs. He received an associate’s degree in retail business management from Corning Community College and a bachelor’s degree from Upper Iowa University, majoring in business administration. Bob worked in sales and marketing, primarily for national companies, and heard from business owners time after time that excessive government regulations and high taxes impeded their ability to innovate and expand. Bob trained his clients’ employees to creatively implement strategic marketing plans. He knows smaller government empowers the private sector to grow.

Recognized for his leadership abilities, Bob is well known for his newspaper column, “A Conservative’s Viewpoint.” Bob’s insightful column ran in a number of newspapers including the Daily Advance in Elizabeth City, the Currituck Independent, the Chowan Herald in Edenton and the Roanoke Beacon in Plymouth.

One of four children born to devoutly Christian parents, Bob learned the value of hard work at an early age from his father, who worked at the local newspaper, and his mother, who worked at a bank. He is committed to protecting the traditional values that made America the “shining city on a hill” and will not waver in his core beliefs.

In each election, every candidate campaigns as a fiscal conservative, but most are more committed to their own political careers than their professed conservative beliefs. Not Bob Steinburg. Bob has never wavered in his support for conservative principles, values and ideals. You can count on his character to do whatever it takes to get our economy growing again and our schools improving.

Bob formerly served three terms as president of the 14-county Albemarle-Pamlico Republican Club and was nominated in 2011 to the North Carolina Republican Party’s Hall of Fame for his years of service for conservative causes. He has served three terms as chairman of the Chowan County Republican Party and was honored as a delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Bob’s faith impacts his daily walk. As an Episcopalian, Bob explored a call to ordained ministry after pursuing a career in business. He was elected for three terms as senior warden at his former Episcopal Church and currently chairs a committee at St. Paul’s Church in Edenton where he assists those in need with transportation.

Bob and Marie, his wife of 46 years, lived for 28 years in Richmond before retiring to Edenton, NC over a decade ago. They have two sons and two grandchildren; Bobby is the associate men’s basketball coach at Youngstown State University and Greg is in sales management with R.J. Reynolds. When not on the campaign trail, Bob and Marie usually can be found with friends on their front porch in Edenton.