2022 Races

Senate District 11

Voters need to learn more about Mark Speed’s career as a county commissioner.

Respondents who learned that ‘as a county commissioner, Mark Speed cut funding for public safety and education, but gave himself a pay raise in the same budget’, were 61% less likely to vote for him.

Respondents were also 61% less likely to vote for him after learning that ‘Mark Speed voted to increase fees on residents’ multiple times.’

Voters need to hear more about Lisa Barnes’s accomplishments and background.

When respondents learned that ‘Lisa Barnes sponsored a bill to increase access to healthcare in rural areas, cut healthcare costs, and implement Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina, providing healthcare coverage to low-income people across the state’, they were 65% more likely to vote for her. This was the most persuasive message that moved respondents to Barnes on the final ballot.

Persuadable unaffiliated and democrat voters were also more likely to vote for Barnes after learning that:

‘Lisa Barnes cut state income taxes in half and made the first twenty-five thousand dollars of every North Carolina family’s income completely tax-free.’

‘Lisa Barnes expanded North Carolina’s opportunity scholarship program, which provides low- and middle-income families with scholarships to send their children to private school if the local public school doesn’t meet their needs.’