2022 Races

Senate District 17

Voters need to learn more about Mark Cavaliero’s background.

56% of respondents were more likely to vote for Cavaliero after learning that ‘Mark Cavaliero is a businessman, not a politician, and his top priority is to enact common sense economic policies that reduce taxes and create jobs’. This was the top issue with unaffiliated voters, the second-best issue with democrats, and the most persuasive message in moving respondents to Cavaliero on the final ballot.

Unaffiliated respondents who heard the following messages were much more likely to vote for Cavaliero:

‘Mark Cavaliero gives back to the community, serving as substitute teacher in Wake County and spending his free time volunteering as a lead in the Boy Scouts.’

‘Mark Cavaliero served in the Marine Corps for twenty-six years, leading his group in combat zones during the Iraq war.’

Voters need to learn more about Sydney Batch’s record.

The top two messages that moved respondents to Cavaliero on the final ballot were:

‘Sydney Batch has voted against Voter ID numerous times, and believes that requiring an ID to vote is racist.’ (Second best message with unaffiliated voters)

‘Sydney Batch is opposed to the Parents Bill of Rights, opposing allowing parents to review materials used in class, opposing establishing a process for parents to object to certain materials, and opposing a ban on the teaching of sex-related topics to kindergarteners.’

Unaffiliated and Democrat voters were less likely to vote for Batch after learning ‘Sydney Batch thought a member of Congress being shot because of his political views was funny’.